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Our Services

Cavalier Express is your full service solution for supply chain and logistics. We start by analyzing your current shipping infrastructure to determine where fiscal and operational improvements can be realized. We then work with you to implement a custom plan to achieve those goals. Learn more about our services:

Rate Analysis

One of the first tasks we perform when we work with you is to perform a rate analysis.  We have found that 98% of the companies we talk to are overpaying for their shipping needs.

Let us in the door to examine your overall costs – actual freight spend as well as operational processes.  We will breakdown what you are paying, customize a solution that fits your needs, and show you specifically how much money you can save.  If you are a 2%er, we will thank you for the time and call you in six months.

Carrier Selection

No one carrier can do it all and shippers have unique needs.  Our carrier knowledge, both nationally and regionally, will allow you to pick the right carrier no matter where you are shipping to or from.

After we get a full understanding of your business we will be able to show you which carriers to use, for what reason, and at the right price.  Also, are you using the correct mode of transportation?  Some clients find they can get the same on-time performance by using an alternative mode of shipping.  In many cases, we can find  a less expensive option, but still meet  your delivery requirements.  Carriers will not show you how to ship cheaper but still maintain service levels, but we will.

Operational Analysis

Operations is more than just your warehouse personnel managing the dock floor.  Every department in your organization is in operations.

After purchasing completes a sales order or a purchase order what happens?  How does the sales and marketing team set up their trade-shows?  How about the warehouse team, how to do they manage freight and service providers each day?  The billing department is always an overlooked area as well.  Are your service providers working to meet your demands, or are you working to meet their demands?  After we analyze your complete operation, we have no doubt some of our suggestions will make an impact – every detail counts.  If there is a way to get your product in your customer’s hands faster and/or in a more cost effective way, we will find it.

Customer Service

What is customer service?  Is it simply answering the phone when someone calls with a concern?  No, it is much more than that.

Your business will be managed in way that problems will be solved before you know about them.  Daily, our team will watch your business, track potential issues and avoid them, deal with any service problems on your behalf and hold service providers accountable.  From simple carrier pick-up requirements, to auditing your bills for accuracy, we will have your back.

Let’s Work Together

We want to hear from you to set up a time an exploratory meeting to see how we can help you reduce transportation and logistics costs. After reaching out, we will get back to you within 24 hours.