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Supply Chain Analysis & Improvements

The Bottom Line

Save Money, Operate More Efficiently & Improve Your Business

  • Cavalier Express showed us how we could not only reduce our over the road trucking costs by about 30%, but they also suggested some changes to our warehouse operations that dramatically increased our productivity.
    VP Supply Chain, Global Manufacturing Company
  • As a small business, we would not gain any leverage with our service providers.  They told us we simply were not big enough to earn certain discounts.  Cavalier Express changed that very quickly.  We hired them to re-negotiate our freight and parcel programs, and our overall savings reached 25%.   On top of that we now have better technology to move our freight, and we have one team to go to for any transportation related issues.  They are our logistics department.
    Owner, Regional Printing Company, Manager
  • We could not figure out how to efficiently deal with our over 900 suppliers and vendors.  Cavalier Express took us down a path that not only ended with a streamlined inbound logistics process, but our cost per freight transaction is down 20%, and our overhead directly related to suppliers is down 15%.  On top of that, no more bottle necks along the supply chain, and we have one customer service team as opposed to several.
    VP Purchasing, National Retail Company, programmer
  • We had over 100 work based employees and over 50 remote employees all shipping freely as they pleased.  We approached the two parcel carriers to look at a more streamlined and cost effective way to move their shipments and all they wanted to review was how much we were paying.  Cavalier Express came up with a national program where all employees where shipping under the same rules, using a shared technology that allows us to manage our daily costs.  The best part was that there was no fee for them to engineer this for us!
    President, Global Management Services Firm, manager